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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan - Turquoise

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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan

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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan


Meet the ultimate in design, style, and security for your baby! The Cosmopolitan stroller is ideal for children up to 44 lbs, so it grows with your child from birth to about 4 years of age. The exterior is made of denim, defending against the sun’s harmful rays as well as rain, wind, and even spills. The inside is a soft, cotton material for easy sitting and sleeping. This lightweight stroller weighs only 26 lbs and is 25” wide. The seat has 3 settings: sitting forward, sitting rear facing, and lying flat for naptime.
The Cosmopolitan stroller is designed with both parent and child in mind.


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In Depth:
Exciting features include:
  • Suspension on front and rear wheels
  • Ideal weight distribution system, so that curb hopping is a breeze
  • Simple folding for compact storage
  • Park brake from foot pedal
  • Heavy-duty tray holds up to 22 lbs.
  • Compatible with other products so you can build the perfect stroller for your needs
MB2-COS01___200_USA | MB2-COS20___200_USA | MB2-COS21___200_USA
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