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Nuna Pepp Stroller - Blackberry | ST-10-019

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Nuna Pepp Stroller

Nuna Pepp Stroller

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Nuna Pepp Stroller


Keep all the essentials for baby close at hand

Babies need lots of supplies to keep them healthy and happy while they're out and about. The PEPP Small Wonder Stroller was designed to ensure baby's comfort and security, as well as their parents' need for organization and preparation. Between outings, the stroller folds in half to be pulled by one hand and easily stored until it's needed again. Packed with dozens of additional features, the PEEP Small Wonder is a must-have for every household with a little one.


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In Depth:
  • In open position, it is a comfortable stroller for baby
  • At most compact, it is the size of a backpack for easy travel in cars, cabs, and even on planes
  • Three or five-point harness provides ultimate safety for baby
  • Three-position recline is ideal when baby is sitting, eating, or sleeping
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